Compound Bow Takedown Right Hand USA

Compound Bow Takedown Right Hand USA

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1 Set Ship From USA Warehouse Archery 19-70lbs TRIGON Compound Bow Takedown Right Hand USA Gordon Composites Limb Hunting Sports


SHARROW 1Item name:Archery TRIGON Compound Bow

IBO Rate: Up to 320 fps

Physical Weight: 3.95 lbs.

Axle to Axle: 31"

Brace Height: 7"

Let-off: up to 80%

Draw Weight: 19-70 lbs

Finish :Anodized / Camo

Draw Length: 19 - 30"

Riser: CNC machining Aluminum

Cam: Dual / Adjustable

Bowstrings: BCY

String Length: 58.75"

Cable Length: 33.94" x 2

Grip: aluminum

Package Contents:

1 x Compound bow TRIGON

1 x 5 pins bow sight

2x Brush arrow rest,3 pcs brush replacement

1 x Aluminum stabilizer

1 x Bow release

1 x braided bow sling,aluminum mounting

1 x 5pc arrow quiver

1x fabic arrow quiver

1 x D-Loop assembly,1 meter replacement

1 x Peep sight assembly,2 pcs replacement

3x Aluminum Peep sight,color may different

2 x limb dampers

1 x Bow stand

1 x Arrow pullier

1 x Bowstring wax

1 x Allen Key

1x camo cap

1xhandle grip tape

5x target paper

24 x 30” training carbon mix arrow,color may different

1xsoft carry cas

SHARROW 2Trigon-black-1




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