Decoy Bag Goose Duck

Decoy Bag Goose Duck

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 Decoy Bag Goose Duck


2018 new Decoy Pro Mesh Decoy Bags Goose Turkey Decoy Bag For Carrying Turkey Drake Duck Goose Waterfowl Mallard Decoys

[name] army green mesh bag

[brand] my days

[Specification] 69cm*102cm

[material ] polyester mesh

[color] army green

[ packing ] pp bag

  1. Tired of lugging your duck, goose and turkey decoys around? Get this decoy bag value pack to easily transport duck, turkey or goose decoys to your favorite hunting spot.
  2. Shoulder straps allow you to carry your decoys like a backpack. Keep your hands free to carry your gun and other hunting items. These shoulder straps help you avoid making multiple trips to and from your vehicle.
  3. Draw string closure tab keeps your decoys securely inside the bag. This locking tab prevents your decoys from falling out as you go to your favorite hunting spot.
  4. These bags also work well for holding goose or duck decoy heads.
  5. Color blends with waterfowl hunting situations to remain out of sight of ducks and geese. Plus, when the decoy bags are empty they can be folded up and easily be concealed inside of your blind due to the sleek design.


  • Carry up to 6 floating goose decoys per goose decoy bag (varies based on decoy style and size).
  • Carry up to 2 dozen duck decoys per duck decoy bag (varies based on duck decoy style and size).
  • Carry up to 3 dozen shell goose decoys (varies based on goose decoy style and size).
  • Carry up to 6 turkey decoys per bag (varies based on turkey decoy style and size).