Camping Cookware Outdoor Ultralight Cooking Set Equipment 1-2 People

Camping Cookware Outdoor Ultralight Cooking Set Equipment 1-2 People

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Camping Cookware Outdoor Ultralight Cooking Set Equipment 1-2 People!

Camping Cookware Outdoor Ultralight Cooking Set Tableware Set Hiking Picnic Backpacking Camping Tableware Equipment 1-2 People!

Bullet Points:
1、High quality & easy to clean: Environmentally friendly and durable alumina pot and frying pan make it non-stick and easy to clean.
2、Folding & Portable: All items in this cooking kit can be stored together in a mesh bag to save space and be easy to carry.
3、Applicable To: Suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnicking and other outdoor activities. Made of lightweight and extremely durable anodized aluminum, so it is perfect for camping backpacks.
4、Quality Assurance: We offer the best cooking utensils for camping picnics, and take it with your family!
5、The Most Affordable: small pot specifications: 122x105mm; small cover specifications: 115x60mm, Furnace, double-layer stainless steel cup 175ml, Storage bottle holder; three-piece set of cutter, fork and spoon cutlery, fiber rag.

Specifications (approx.):
Small pot: 122x105mm/4.80*4.13in.
Small cover: 115x60mm/4.53*2.36in.
Material: It is made of imported aluminum, high-grade hard aluminum oxidation, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and comfortable hand feeling. It should be used indoors and outdoors. Bag packaging
Material: The base of the burner is an integrated high-light aluminum alloy, light in weight; the middle column is made of copper and has high strength; the fire plate and the bracket are made of stainless steel, which has high temperature resistance.
Packing specification: about 4x5.5x8cm/1.57*2.17*3.15in (packaged in pressure-proof plastic box, smaller than cigarette case)
Fire plate specifications: about 9.5*9.5CM/3.74*3.74in (suitable for setting a pot with a diameter of 20CM/7.87in, suitable for 1~3 people)
Net weight: about 95g (ultra light)
Rated rate: 3000w (one liter of water for 3.5 minutes to boil, aluminum pot measured)
Firing method: automatic firing
Double stainless steel water cup:
Color: glitter
Material: stainless steel
Product capacity: 175ml
Storage bottle holder:
Net weight about: about 21g
Expanded size: about 200X23mm/7.87*0.91in
Folding size: about 85X15mm/3.35*0.59in.
Material: Made of high-quality nylon material, light weight, small size, sturdy and durable, and enhanced stability, suitable for flat cans, long cans, small flat cans, and inverted cans
Three-piece set of cutter, fork and spoon.
Weight: about 85g (cutter 19g, fork 25g, spoon 33g ,black nylon bag 9g)

The unfolded length is about 16.5cm/6.50in and the folding length is 8.8cm/3.46in.