Coleman 30°F Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Coleman 30°F Hybrid Sleeping Bag

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Coleman 30°F Hybrid Sleeping Bag

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The hybrid shape of the Coleman® 30 Degree Sleeping Bag combines the warmth of a mummy-style sleeping bag with the extra space of a rectangular bag, perfect for when the temperature dips down to 30° F. On warmer nights, simply keep the adjustable hood loose and open up the two-way zipper at the bottom of the bag to get custom ventilation. When things cool off, lightweight Coletherm® hollow polyester insulation helps to retain heat, and the Thermolock™ draft tube helps to block warmth from escaping through the zipper. Thanks to the ZipPlow™ zipper, you'll get snag-free opening and closing every time. A durable, ripstop-reinforced polyester cover will ensure you get to use this extra-warm bag season after season.


    • Stay comfortable when it’s 30°F outside (-1°C)
    • ZipPlow™ zipper for snag-free opening and closing
    • Thermolock™ draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper
    • Coletherm® hollow polyester insulation provides better heat retention with less weight
    • Adjustable hood lets you find the perfect mix of warmth and ventilation
    • Double-batt, offset quilt construction eliminates potential cold spots
    • 2-way zipper lets you open the bottom for more ventilation
    • Tough, ripstop-reinforced polyester cover resists tears
    • Machine washable for easy cleaning
    • Ideal for heights up to 6’2”
    • 85 x 33 in (215.9 x 83.8 cm)
    • Stuff sack included

    • Temperature: 30°F (-1°C)
    • Cover: Polyester Ripstop
    • Liner: Polyester
    • Size: 85 x 33 in (215.9 x 83.8
    • Includes: Stuff sack
    • Color: Blue
    • Weight: 5.2 lbs


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  • 30 Degree Hybrid Sleeping Bag

What's a Hybrid Sleeping Bag?

  • It combines the roominess of a rectangular sleeping bag with the coziness of a hooded mummy-style bag for warmth when the temperature dips. Keep the adjustable hood loose and unzip the bottom of the bag for extra ventilation on warmer nights.


Highlighted Features

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About the Brand

  • Coleman helps people make fun memories by providing the lighting, stoves, coolers, tents, sleeping bags, and camping tools integral to their favorite outdoor experiences.