Fishing Reels Bait Casting 13 Bearing Large Line Capacity

Fishing Reels Bait Casting 13 Bearing Large Line Capacity

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Fishing Reels Bait Casting 13 Bearing Large Line Capacity!

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Outdoors Gear Store 6.3:1 Bait Casting Reel 13 Bearing Large Line Capacity Lightweight Left-handed Right-handed Bait Casting Fishing Wheel Reel!


1.The adjustable line type (magnetic) braking system ensures the high speed of the line winder to help it work evenly and stably

2.As for the aluminium alloy line winder, it is designed to be lightweight and sturdy, along with the large line capacity, so that it could cast the fishing line fast and smoothly

3.The ceramic outlet will not hurt your fishing line. What's more, it can automatically organize the fishing line which is even

4.The stainless steel bearing is durable, smooth, tight, waterproof and could avoid the foreign matter

5.The star shaped pro-loading button could help you control the fishing line, while the button that could cast the line quickly could save your time

6.The precise (magnetic) braking system could give you a hand when you are using different baits

7.The U shape handle provides the anti-slip feature and can save your effort

Size:free size

Gear Ratio:6.3:1
Fishing Reels Type:Baitcast Reel
Bearing:12 +1
Line Capacity(lbyd):11lb145yd
Braking Force:5.5kg

Package include:1pcs



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