Gasoline Stove Outdoor Camping Stove Adjustable Cookware

Gasoline Stove Outdoor Camping Stove Adjustable Cookware

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Gasoline Stove Outdoor Camping Stove Adjustable  Cookware!

Gasoline Stove Outdoor Camping Stove Adjustable Gasoline Stove for Camping Hiking Hunting Emergency Outdoor Camping Cookware!      

This outdoor gasoline stove is compact and easy to use, great for camping, hiking, emergency and other outdoor activities.

Robust stainless steel and copper construction.
Wind baffles for reliable performance in harsh weather
Comes with a funnel for easily adding fuel.
Compact design fits easily in your backpack.
Only suitable for unleaded gasoline.
Perfect for camping, hunting and outdoor emergency.

1. Check whether the stove is leakproof. Do not use when there is any leakage.
2. Place the stove on the flat surface when using or adding fuel.
3. Fuel addition is limited within 450ml.
4. Pump the stove to the pressure 0.25Mpa-0.4Mpa for normal use. (The pressure can reach normal use by pumping more than 30 times)
5. Screw tight the cap when finished adding the fuel. Place the comburent on the burner, adjust the valve and ignite.
6. Do not open the cap when using the stove or when the temperature is high.
7. When not use, loosen the cap to lower the pressure AFTER the stove turns cold. Do not carry or store the stove in high pressure.

1. Do not use this stove in enclosed space.
2. Only suitable for unleaded gasoline. Do not use other chemical fuels.
3. During storage, keep this stove away from the fire.
4. Do not refit this stove by yourself.

Material: Stainless steel + Copper
Environment Temperature: -20℃~45℃
Burning Time: 3 hours for big flame, 4 hours for small flame
Working Pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa
Bearing Weight: Max. 5kg / 11lb
Dimension: 13.5 * 15cm / 5.3 * 5.9in (D * H)
Weight: Approx. 800g / 1.8lb

Package List:
1 * Outdoor Stove
1 * Funnel




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