Soccer Ball Size 5 PU Professional

Soccer Ball Size 5 PU Professional

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Soccer Ball Size 5 PU Professional!

Hot Sale professional soccer ball standard Size 5 PU leather genuine seamless training football for children and adults!

Size contrast
Size4 about 19CM
Size5 about 21.5CM
Size4 : for 5 or 7 people , weight 350-380G, round length 620-650MM
Size5 :for regular 11 people weight 400-450G, round length 680-710MM Upgrade EU Champions football soccer

Air preservation performance good , good elasticity, rounded balls

Recommended reason

Upgraded material, tight seam, effective promotion of football durability and air tightness, environmentally friendly materials, super durable, suitable for a variety of places, make your foot comfort, after a long period of exercise, still able to Keep its quality!

Football parameters

Product Name: Upgraded football

Item: TH-050

Material: Advanced PU synthetic leather

Specifications: Standard size 5 football

Applicable venues: indoor and outdoor

Liner: butyl yarn wrapped inside the liner

Amateur training, home entertainment can be used


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