Mini Walkie Talkie 2 Piece Pair Two Way Radio Communicator

Mini Walkie Talkie 2 Piece Pair Two Way Radio Communicator

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Mini Walkie Talkie 2 Piece Pair Two Way Radio Communicator!

Min Hands Free Walkie Takie Pair Two way Radio CB Radio Hand Held!








Default frequency

PMR: 446MHz

FRS: 462MHz

Output power



Channel capacity



Battery capacity

1000 mAh

1000 mAh

USB charging port

Mini USB

Mini USB

Antenna type

Fixed antenna

Fixed antena

Accessories jack

Standard 2Pin K type

Standard 2Pin K type




Applicable area

European countries

USA and Canada


Can not talk with RT22

Can not talk with RT622

Software programmable






Available programming cable

Win7/8/XP: C9018A
WinXP/7/8/10: C9055A

Win7/8/XP: C9018A
WinXP/7/8/10: C9055A


RETEVIS RT622 RT22 Mini PMR Walkie Talkie 2 pcs PMR446 PMR 446 Radio FRS VOX Handsfree Woki Toki Pair Two-way Radio Comunicador

​Why we need to use the license-free PMR/FRS walkie-talkies?

No need to spend time getting a license

No legal issue and additional frequency usage fees.

Personal use will not interfere with public-service transmissions.

License-free PMR Radio(or FRS Radio)

Retevis RT622/RT22 walkie talkies is such a professional radio, which you can rest assured to use and no need to worry about the license problem.


Pocket Size

The RT622 features an ultra-light and ultra-thin design, a rugged housing and a stylish shape, especially suitable for service industries such as hotels and restaurants.


Good sound quality

Equipped with high-quality sound unit, the sound can be adjusted to a very high decibel.the sound quality is good, no distortion, makes you feel like communication with each other face to face.

VOX Function

Retevis RT22 has VOX function which makes you have hands free operation.Particularly apply to some hands-free occasions,such as cycling,holding objects, or working.


Dependable Coverage

  • Reliable signal coverage made you feel like you are talking with your partner face to face.

  • Usually the call distance in urban areas can reach 1.2Km, and the open area can reach 1-3Km.

  • Note:The actual call distance depends on the usage environment. The fewer obstacles, the farther the call distance.


USB Charging

They have a mini usb (not micro) port they will recharge from a car charger, power bank,PC,USB desktop charger or wall charger.

Out of box,one to many call

Without complicated operation and frequency setting, it can be easily mastered in one minute.


​ Wide Applications

Retevis RT22 walkie talkie is suitable for a variety of occasions and a variety of people,can be widly used in big mall,restaurant,hotel,coffee shop,KTV,Bar,warehouse,property management,travel,hunting and so on.


PC Software Programmable

When you have a programming cable and the rt22 software,you can program the radio by PC.

You can also program the radio by CHIRP software.

General Specification

Model Number

PMR:RT622 or FRS:RT22

Frequency Range

PMR:446MHz or FRS:462MHz


PMR:0.5W or FRS:2W



Channel Capacity


Battery Capacity

Li-ion 1000mAh

Working Voltage

DC 3.7V

Mic/Speaker/Programming Port

2 pin plug type for Kenwood


Integrated antenna

Antenna Impendence


Weight Of Two Way Radio (Include battery and antenna)


Size Of Two Way Radio



Output Power


The Maximum Deviation


Residual Radiation




Audio Response




<=0.16microV(12dB SINAD)

Squelch Sensitivity




Audio Power




Squelch Current



Package Include:

  • 2 x Portable Two Way Radio
  • 2 x Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 1 x Adapter(2 in 1)
  • 2 x USB charge cable
  • 2 x Belt Clips
  • 1 x User manual


Note:we will send you the right adapter according to your country.




  • RT22 has passed CE, FCC, IC certifications.




Notice: Any questions, please contact us FIRST. we will try our best to solve your problem.

1: Does the radio set include headphones?

------No.If you want to buy headset,pls click this link: RT22 Headset.


2:Does the radio set include the programming cable?

----No.If you need it ,pls click this link: RT22 Programming Cable .And if your computer system is windows 10,pls click this link: RT22 Programming Cable for Windows 10 .


3:Can i use the headset to achieve the VOX(voice activate transmission)?

-----Yes,you can speak directly to the headset microphone after you have opened the radio VOX.


4:How about the talk range?

------Talk Range depend on many factors,like the RF power,obstacles,weather,battery power and so on.Usually RT22 can up to 0-1.5 km in the city area,0-2 Km in the village area.


5:I want to program the RT22 walkie-talkie,how can i get the RT22 software?

-----You can contact our customer service,she will send you the software.


6:What frequency range can i program?

-----You can write in a frequency range of 400-480MHz.It will meet many licence-free frequency neeed,like the PMR446 MHz (europe countries),PMR446MHz/LPD433MHz(for Russia),FRS 462-467MHz(for United States).

7.voice activated have?

-----turn on/ turnoff this function.

①: Change the radio to channel 7
②: Turn off the radio.
③: Press the "+" button,while turn on the radio,after hearing the voice prompt "vox on"/"vox off", release the + button.


8. how much the charge of the radio is enough. in average use. 3-4 days will hold a charge?

----- If you talk intensively, for a day.If I don’t use it often, then there’s enough for a week and more.

9.Please describe in more detail the process of reprogramming (changing) the frequency!

-----You put the program on the computer, the driver is installed. After that, you connect the walkie-talkie, turn it on, in the program you press to count, it gives out frequencies, then you change to the necessary ones and record it. Well, of course, the program interface is English.

10. Can I charge with power bank? Through USB?

-----I think yes sometimes I use a usb port from a pc in my work and it's work.

11. How can i connect this with baofeng 888s?

-----You can make RT22 and Baofeng 888S at the same frequency by writing frequency software.

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