Polyester Poncho Jungle Camouflage Four Versions

Polyester Poncho Jungle Camouflage Four Versions

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Polyester  Poncho Jungle Camouflage Four Versions 

Hunting Clothes Polyester  Adult Poncho Jungle Camouflage Camouflage Hiking Mountaineering Raincoat Electric Car Riding Ponchos! 

Name: Three-in-one multi-function camouflage poncho

Fabric: 210T polyester taffeta (waterproof 3000mm)

Tile size: length 220cm * width 145cm

Storage size: height 21cm * width 5cm

Weight: 280g

Features: Three-in-one design, can be used on the curtain, floor cloth, raincoat.

Uses: soft and comfortable, no delamination, long-term aging, suitable for outdoor activities such as jungle hunting, bird watching, bird shooting, rainproofing, fishing, etc. Waterproof performance is good, camouflage effect is obvious! In addition to the raincoat function, it can also be used as a day account or a moisture-proof floor mat.

Structure: The seams of this product are all processed by computer sealing technology, which is treated with anti-leakage technology. Comes with a rain hat, and there is a row of on the left and right sides of the body.