Scuba Diving Mask Snorkels Set

Scuba Diving Mask Snorkels Set

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Scuba Diving Mask Snorkels Set

Professional Scuba Diving Mask and Snorkels Anti Fog Goggles Glasses Diving Swimming Easy Breath Tub Set!


Diving Set of 1 Mask and 1 Snorkel

This snorkeling set includes a goggles and a Breathing tube, very comfortable , perfect for snorkeling and recreational swimming.


Tempered glass lens for clear view underwater. Comfort fit silicone skirt and nose part for leak-proof fit. Adjustable head straps fix on head firmly. Polycarbonate frame for durability. imported Non-toxic silicone mouthpiece provide comfort. Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged. Adjustable quick-release buckle. Perfect for snorkeling and recreational swimming.

Package included:

1 x diving mask 1 x snorkel


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