Suit Ghillie Camouflage Fall Camo

Suit Ghillie Camouflage Fall Camo

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Suit  Ghillie Camouflage Fall Camo!

Camo Suit Outdoor Game Military Hunting and Shooting Accessories Tactical Camouflage Clothing Blind for Airsoft, Wildlife Photog!

Net Weight:1.6 -1.8 kg per set.

Material: synthetic threads outside and pattern breathy mesh fabric lining
Application: hunting, recon, paintball, airsoft, photographing, military, Halloween, etc.

Jacket Specifications:

Length: 30 inch (see the pic for detail size)
5 snap buttons front
Elastic waist & wrists

Pants Specifications:

Length: 42 inch (see the pic for detail size)
Elastic Waist Range: 12"(min) -24"(max)
Size : Adjustable , suitable for people Height 170-190cm ,Weight 120-200kg
Allow to see through face veil Cover full head & face

Easy loop ends for easy wrap to Rifle Guns

Jacket, Pants, Hood & Rifle Wrap Packed in a Stretchable Camo Carrying Bag

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